Attention All Energy Companies

Fern Plant

Up to 12% Savings

Fit this intelligent, self calibrating WiFi connected product to the customers existing boiler and ensure that you provide

  • Up to 12% savings in a typical winter

  • Prolonged working life of the boiler

  • Savings without compromising comfort levels

Forest Home

Try it Now

Contact us to try out this technology. 100s of thousands of homes can contribute to our urgent need to save energy and emission.

Fitted in thirty minutes this low cost energy optimiser will make a material difference to our planet NOW as we wait for the new heating solutions to become affordable for all.

Try 50 or 100 homes now and see for yourselves.

Power Plant

Measured in Real Time

You can't manage what you don't measure. We have integrated the optimisation and the savings measurement into one low cost WiFi connected product. The savings are fully transparent to the customer and can be delivered by online dashboards, email or social media.

 Customers expect a lot, we aim to deliver a bit more.

Contact us NOW to find out how we can work together to make a difference.